Top HOLY SHIT Moments in The Walking Dead

It’s finally here! Today is the anticipated season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead! In honor of the big day I’ve decided to take a look back at the series and count down the most shocking moments over the past three years. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Daryl Kills Merle: Season 3

This moment was heartbreaking because audiences had to see Daryl physically break down at the sight of his brother, who had recently turned into a zombie. The duo had just been reunited and although they struggled with differences on their views in the apocalypse, Daryl wasn’t ready to give up hope that his brother could change. In the end, Merle did redeem himself by bringing zombies to attack the Governor’s men; however, it ended in his death. When Daryl finds his brother in zombie form he must put him down for good in a hard-to-watch scene where he mourns the loss of his only family while simultaneously stabbing Merle in the head.

Lori Dies: Season 3

Lori’s character had been questionable throughout the series, and she was often hated among fans for being a total whore who liked to stir up trouble between her husband Rick and his best friend Shane. In season 3, audiences witnessed a change in Lori, who was 9 months pregnant, as she realized the consequences of her actions and tried her hardest to win back the support from her husband and son, Carl. When their home base is attacked by zombies, Lori, Maggie, and Carl are separated from the group and find themselves hiding in a room inside of the prison. Just at the perfect time, Lori’s baby decides that it’s time to come out, forcing the group to think quick on how to handle the situation. Lori must be cut open to save her baby’s life, and she knows it means ending her own. Before the selfless act, she gives her words of wisdom to Carl in a tear-inducing speech that made viewers forget about all of the annoying things she did in the previous 2 seasons.

Shit Happens: Season 3

In season 3 we see a completely changed man in Rick, who had to kill his best friend at the end of the season. The events of the previous 2 seasons–especially the drama with his wife–made Rick realize that he needs to be a different way to keep order in the group. When their group is threatened by a clan of prisoners, Rick reacts in a ruthless and TOTALLY BADASS way, showing viewers his new mentality. When one of the prisoners attempts to kill Rick and fails, he brushes his actions off with the comment, “Shit Happens.” An obviously angry and fed up Rick remains calm and just when we think he’s going to let the action slide, he responds, “Shit Happens,” followed with a machete to the guy’s head. I was in awe and this scene made me fall completely in love with the new Rick!

Rick Kills Shane: Season 2

Viewers knew that the moment where Rick and Shane confront each other over Lori was coming, some just may not have expected it to go the way that it did. Shane’s obsession with Lori and Carl made him snap and trick the group into thinking that the prisoner they were holding had tried to kill him and escape into the woods. When Shane suggests that the group split up and look for him, he takes Rick far enough away from everyone else so that he can fulfill his plans of killing his best friend. Surprisingly to Shane, Rick sensed what he was trying to do and was prepared to kill him, and succeeded in doing so. The scene was hard to watch because fans of the series saw the pain in Rick’s eyes as his friendship with Shane flashed through his mind while having to take his life. He was crushed that things had come to that point and it only worsened when his friend turned into a zombie.

Dale Dies: Season 2

Dale was the voice of reason in the group, and although he could be pretty damn annoying sometimes, he made a lot of sense. He was the group’s moral compass and he always made them question themselves whenever they found themselves in a devastating position. When the group had to decide what to do with a young stranger, they all thought it was best to kill him to save their lives. Dale was completely against the action and reminded everyone that they didn’t have to be that way and let the new world change them. After the debacle while Dale is sweeping the grounds, he falls victim to a zombie who tears into his gut. The group hears his screams and find that it’s too late for the old man, who’s insides are practically falling onto the ground before them. The saddened group stand over him and when one of them pulls out a gun, Dale puts it to his head, begging to be put out of his misery. His death represented everything that was their old world, and it showcased the loss of their morality.

The CDC Explosion: Season 1

Just when the group thought that they had found their salvation in the CDC, they realize that they are in a worse situation than they were in outside with the zombies. After being let in by Dr. Jenner of the CDC, the group is ecstatic that they’ve found a new place to sleep–and that they can actually shower with hot water! Their happiness is cut short when Jenner explains that they are locked in and that the building will self-destruct after a certain time. Shocked by the revelation, the group comes together to figure a way out, while others in the group decide to stay and end their lives. The members of the group who make it out watch in horror as the building explodes, reminding them that nowhere is safe in the apocalypse.

Rick Shoots Zombie Child: Season 1

When the series opened with Rick Grimes shooting a little zombie girl, audiences knew that The Walking Dead was going to be intense. The moment highlighted the realness of the characters’ situations, and it showed how heartbreaking the apocalypse could be. When Rick comes face to face with the zombified child, it’s apparent that he’s taken aback by the sight. When he is forced to shoot her to save his life, he understands what he will have to do from that moment on in order to make it.

There are tons of crazy moments that have happened in the series, and probably a ton of crazy moments to come. The list above are the moments that stood out for me the most, and actually took my breath away. One of the things that I love so much about The Walking Dead is that no character is safe, and that I am always on edge worrying about who is going to die next. The upcoming season is sure to bring more drama and plenty of HOLY SHIT moments. What have been your favorite?