My Favorite Freddy Kills

The Nightmare on Elm Street series has been played a few times on Syfy recently, bringing back childhood memories and reintroducing me to my favorite character deaths. I’ve always been A Nightmare on Elm Street girl; Freddy’s invasion of your dreams and his creativity in the way he kills has always made him unique and terrifying. In honor of my love for the series, I’ve decided to create a list of my favorite Freddy kills. Here are the lucky 7:

7.) Carlos:Freddy’s Dead

The sixth installment in the horror series is often argued to be the worst; however, I found it enjoyable to watch. Although the film is far off from the scary Freddy that audiences were introduced to in the first film, it was fun with its 90s references and creative deaths and dream sequences. Plus, the movie was New Line Cinema’s first 3D release!The most memorable death from the film was Carlos, the hearing impaired troubled youth who unwittingly falls victim to Freddy in the home where the madness all began. While Carlos and his fellow runaways take refuge in everyone’s favorite house on Elm Street, he falls asleep and finds himself in a nightmare. First Carlos runs into his abusive mother who decides to clean out his ear with a really big Q-Tip, and then Freddy messes with his hearing-aid, making him hear things at extremely loud levels. I guess Freddy doesn’t give a damn if you’re already down; he’ll kick you no matter what!

6.)Greta:The Dream Child 

Poor beautiful Greta. Her mother always hassled her about her eating habits, insisting that if she didn’t watch what she ate she would become fat. Freddy preyed on the young girl’s insecurity and intensified it by forcing her to deal with the issue in an unconventional way. Freddy showed his concern for Greta’s low weight by making her eat…and eat, and eat, and eat. One can’t help but feel sorry for Greta as she eats herself to death while her family watches on.

5.)Philip:Dream Warriors

It’s bad enough that you’re stuck in a mental institution, but it would REALLY suck if you were being terrorized by a psychopath in your dream. Poor Philip is awoken from his sleep when Freddy decides that he wants to play puppet master, using Philip’s tendons as strings. The scene is cringeworthy and as a child I felt Philip’s pain. Not only did Philip experience excruciating pain from being pulled along by his insides, he could do nothing but watch as Freddy forced him to jump to his death.

4.) Jennifer:Dream Warriors

As someone who loves her TV, I can understand how Jennifer feels when it comes to watching her shows. It totally must have been annoying to get to the psych ward common room and find someone using the television! Except, Jennifer didn’t realize that when she turned on the tube for entertainment that Freddy had already joined her for some fun. She finds herself mesmerized by the charming man with the burnt face, until he comes out of the TV and decides to smash her head into it. Well, at least Jennifer became a television star…sort of.

3.) Debbie: The Dream Master 

Bugs are disgusting, but roaches are on a whole other level of nasty. It’s understandable why Debbie wouldn’t like them–those mofos can climb in your ear and SCREAM until you take them out. Hell, those bastards will survive a nuclear war! Anyway, Debbie just wanted to work on her fitness and be sexy for her schoolmates (understandable, Debbie) when all of a sudden she falls asleep during one of her workouts. Hmmm, probably should have had a spotter, Debbie. Freddy completely ruins her workout–and her life–by turning her into a roach inside of a roach motel. The helpless bug-girl almost makes you feel bad for bugs when we watch her fight for her life inside the bug prison…and then get squashed by Freddy. This entire scene was DISGUSTING. I’m itching just thinking about it!

2.) Glen: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Glen just wanted to get laid by his girlfriend, but instead finds himself victim to a murderer in his dreams. The clueless sap–who didn’t seem phased at all by the deaths of his close friends–falls asleep despite his girlfriend’s demands, and gets himself sucked into a bed. The incident sucked for Glen, but it looked beautiful and AWESOME for the audience as we saw buckets of blood pour out of a mattress and fill his bedroom. As most of you all know, Glen was Johnny Depp’s first role, and that’s reason enough to love A Nightmare on Elm Street.

1.)Tina: A Nightmare on Elm Street

You know, Tina seemed pretty smart despite banging that asshole, Rod. She was aware of Freddy before anyone else, and she knew that he would do something bad to her in her sleep. She appeared to be a fighter, but when she was faced against Freddy she proved not strong enough when he overpowers her. Tina’s death was not only an amazing onscreen sequence to watch, it was absolutely terrifying for the audience to see what Freddy was actually capable of. It introduced us to the monster we’ve all come to love and fear. Tina’s screams and the length of her death set the tone for the first movie, and it is the scariest and best death of the nightmare series.

There’s my list of favorite Freddy kills. There are so many memorable deaths, one-liners, and amazing outfits that complete the nightmare series, but the seven above are the ones that stood out the most for me. What are your favorite Freddy kills?