10 Unassuming Actors Who Took on Villanious Roles

Some individuals have a presence that oozes evil from the moment that you see them. There’s something about the look in their eyes, a slant to their smile, and slyness to their personalities that makes them someone to maintain your guard around. These people make for perfect horror villains because they can present a believable performance as a merciless bad guy without having to try. However, there are some people who fail to fit the bill at first glance, because they are unassuming and almost too innocent and harmless-looking to believe that they would commit evil acts. 

When Elijah Wood was cast as Frank in the remake of Maniac, some people were probably left scratching their heads. Elijah Wood? The wide-eyed and soft-spoken guy from The Lord of the Rings is going to play a sadistic psychopath who takes pleasure in murdering women? He didn’t seem like the immediate person that people would picture for that type of role. In response to this somewhat unconventional casting, Shock Till You Drop takes a look at other inconspicuous people who have played evil characters.
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  1. Jenny Krueger

    I am very happy to see Elijah play this role since I LOVE him and LOTR. He did a great job in The Good Son which is an awesome movie.

    P.s. It's nice to see a fellow horror sista getting paid to write reviews and articles for the horror genre. Good job, you deserve it. You an awesome writer and I have always enjoyed your blog. 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Jenny–thank you! I'm actually not getting paid yet, but it's still exciting to have my stuff posted in a place where a lot more people can see it!

    Gard–thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my blog 🙂

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