Jesse Petersen: Club Monstrosity

Stories that are told from the monster’s perspective are a rarity in the horror genre and ones that are funny are even harder to come by; however, thanks to urban fantasy author Jesse Petersen, that is about to change. The author’s newest publication Club Monstrosity, which will release April 29, follows a group of monsters who are living in the real world. When their fellow monsters begin being killed in the same way that their characters die in their books, the monsters must ban together to put an end to the madness and risk exposing themselves to the world.

Petersen has previously published a zombie book series (Married with Zombies, Flip this Zombie, Eat Slay Love, The Zombie Whisperer) that follows married couple Sarah and David as they rebuild their relationship during a zombie apocalypse. The Tuscan, AZ native put a funny and somewhat realistic spin on an unbelievable and overdone  horror favorite, making a refreshingly balanced comedy-horror series about the undead.

The fantasy author takes a step away from zombies in Club Monstrosity and focuses on monsters–a girl Frankenstein, to be exact. In the book, Natalie desperately wants to escape her monster past and be normal; however, her transition into regular life is made difficult when her friends start dying. Although the characters in the book are monsters, they face issues that anyone would deal with in the real world, making for a relatable story. Not to mention, Petersen’s comedic voice shines through the snarky and witty voice of the characters, making the read all the more fun.

In the week before its release, Petersen would like to reward my readers with a giveaway from her Living with the Dead series. In the meantime, you can read more about the author at her official website and follow her on twitter @jessepet! Stay tuned to find out how you can enter to win a copy of her work!