Help Support Lord of Tears

Indie horror is always in need of support and filmmaker Lawrie Brewster needs your help in funding an exhibition tour for his horror-fantasy film, Lord of Tears. Brewster’s collecting funds on Kickstarter and the film has almost received half of its funding goal of around $9,000. With just 27 more days to go, Brewster is hoping that a look at the film’s new trailer will convince more horror fans to show their appreciation.

Brewster describes Lord of Tears as a cross between The Wicker Man, The Innocents, and The Haunting. The film follows a young man who is trapped in a decrepit and crumbling mansion while simultaneously being stalked by an owl-headed monster. The British horror takes references from mythology, ancient history, and modern legends like the Slender Man.

Check out the film’s trailer below:

To make a donation, visit the film’s Kickstarter page. For more on the movie itself, check out the official website.