It’s okay, Christian Slater. You Can Cry on my Shoulder

Christian Slater was once the “IT” boy of Hollywood in the 80’s and early 90’s, with a string of hits like Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, and True Romance. Sadly, thanks to his little drug habit, his career has hit a bit of a snag and he hasn’t starred in an A-List movie since the early 2000’s. Last year, it seemed as though Slater was slowly inching his way back up the movie ladder and all looked hopeful with his role in the horror, Playback. Unfortunately, Slater’s luck just keeps getting worse as it was recently revealed that the horror flick made only $264 at the box office, making it the lowest grossing film of 2012.

Playback, written and directed by Michael Nickles, was made with an estimated budget of $7.5 million dollars. The film was apparently only shown in one theater for one week in March and according to The Daily Mail, only 33 people purchased tickets to see the film, giving it its total numbers.

Despite the low outcome, I don’t think Slater should be blamed for the movie’s success because he was hardly in it. His role was not a starring one; his character was in only a few scenes, making Slater’s appearance feel like a quick cameo. Also, the DILF was doing the film as a favor to pal Nickles, who asked him to be a part of the flick. The one who should be blamed for the movie’s poor success and reception is Nickles himself, who seemed like he was just trying to ride a wave of success off of Slater’s big name. Sigh.

To read my review of Playback, click here. And Christian, keep on truckin’, buddy. You’ll get back there some day–I know it!