Guest Post: A Journey of Zombie Therapy

If only Rick and Lori knew how to work through their marital problems and let the zombie apocalypse be their guide, their marriage (and Lori) may have actually survived. Unlike the characters in The Walking Dead, Urban Fantasy author, Jesse Petersen, uses the zombie apocalypse as therapy for her characters in her Living with the Dead series. The author just released her latest book, The Zombie Whisperer, on Amazon. Petersen took the time out of her busy schedule to guest post about the zombie world she created for readers interested in a different kind of zombie tale. Check out the post below:
First off, thanks to Mandy for having me here on her blog. This is all part of a big celebration for me. The final book in my Living With the Dead zombie comedy series, THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER, was published January 15.
Normally I write books with different protagonists in each story. Living With the Dead is the first series I’ve written where the main characters travel along through four stories. In fact, each story follows how they use the zombie apocalypse as therapy of sorts.
In the first book (Married With Zombies), I worked on their marriage. They’re about to break up, but the zombie apocalypse forces them to work together, accept each other’s strengths and their own weaknesses and bond like only a crushing fear of death can do.  In the second (Flip This Zombie), our hero and heroine started a business in the zombie apocalypse. So what else would they learn about during their journey than good practices? There’s nothing like a zombie apocalypse to make you yearn for success. Also for a good shotgun. In the third (Eat Slay Love), they took a more general “self-help” approach. Getting more Zen is important when there are zombies outside. And in the fourth and final book (The Zombie Whisperer), Dave and Sarah ponder parenthood and all the advice they need to raise a child in an apocalypse.
It’s all very silly and fun and hopefully funny, of course, but I do actually think the reason why people have responded so strongly to the books is that they can relate. When things are great in the world and in our lives, we don’t learn a whole lot about ourselves.
But under the worst of circumstances, we tend to show our true colors as humans. And if we’re lucky, we improve those true colors. Dave and Sarah, rushing through a zombie apocalypse, trying to keep themselves alive and each other alive, are just human. They can be obnoxious and mean to each other and make stupid decisions now and then. But they grow. They change. They help each other see the best and worst in themselves.
And maybe that’s why all those self-help books sell so well, too. We’re all just looking for a catalyst to change, to become better people. Who knew it would be mindless, sprinting, goo-spewing zombies that would be the ticket?
So my question to all of you is, do you think a zombie apocalypse would be a catalyst for positive change in your own life? Aside from the possibly dying and all…
For more on the author, visit her site. Check out THE ZOMBIE WHISPERER Kindle edition on for $4.99. To read my review of the first book in the series, Married With Zombies, click here.