The Naughty and Nice of Horror

With Christmas just around the corner and Santa on everyone’s minds, the only reasonable thing to do is make a naughty and nice list of the past year in horror. There were several gems, as well as total flops this year and with my list of the naughty and nice of horror, Santa will know exactly what should be rewarded and what should get a lump of coal.

The Nice

The Cabin in the Woods

Where do I even begin? The Cabin in the Woods is a movie created by horror fans, for horror fans and it does not disappoint. The film, written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard (who also directs), is filled with everything that horror fans normally expect but it is executed in a very smart and respectful way. Although there are moments where the film pokes fun of the genre, it also praises it for the things that it can create and the emotions it produces from fans. It contains balanced humor and scares, and it has the best final act of any movie I have ever seen. Not only is the movie entertaining, it is intelligent and makes you think about the genre as a whole and how we as an audience effect the things that are being churned out by production companies. To read my review of the film, click here.

The Loved Ones

This film was technically released in 2009; however, it didn’t reach US audiences until Summer 2012. The Australian export won the Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness Peoples Choice award and has received praise from critics and fans alike, and for good reason. Director and writer, Sean Byrne, created a cinematically beautiful horror full of bright colors and eighties-esque music, transporting audiences back to the days of high school and John Hughes…only psychologically darker. The film’s protagonist is a female, played amazingly well by Robin McLeavy, showcasing that men are not the only ones to be feared in the genre. Although the hype machine let me down slightly, I was impressed by the performances and visuals that the film had to offer. Check out my review here.


With found-footage films being release almost every other week, it’s tough to find one that is unique and a genuinely great horror film. V/H/S took the found-footage format and put an anthology spin on it, creating a creepy, unsettling, and totally entertaining movie. Not all of the stories were home-runs (Tuesday the 17th, anyone?) but some were awesome and were capable of producing HOLY SHIT moments–at least from me, anyway. My favorite tale of the five is, without a doubt, Second Honeymoon, directed by Ti West. The story was extremely subtle and realistic, mostly in part from the actors’ performances. When the climax finally comes, it seems almost unexpected due to the way that West paced the story and played with audiences throughout the segment. Other filmmakers involved in the project include, Adam Wingard, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, Glenn McQuaid, and Radio Silence.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has taken so much flak from viewers and IMDb trolls, trashing the series for being too slow and not having enough zombie action. Well, the third season of the hit series attempted to shut the haters up (but, lets be real, IMDb trolls will never die) by starting off at full speed and continuing all the way until the mid-season finale. The season so far was filled with major character deaths just four episodes in, and so many brutal head shots that one could barely keep count. The third season also introduced fans to the beloved and infamous governor, who has lived up to his reputation so far. David Morrissey plays the character with enough charm and menace to make  it hard for fans of the series not to love him. The rest of the season will pick back up in February and considering that the Governor lost his eye and Darryl has been captured, shit is going to get even crazier.


Horror fans finally got a sitcom made specifically for them. The lovechild of Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Holliston is executed as a typical sitcom with a laugh track and occasional sentimental moments, and it also includes horror references and storylines that only true genre fans will know and enjoy. The series is based on Green’s life and is set in his hometown of Holliston, Ma (represent!). The hilarious series also stars Corri English and Laura Ortiz as the pair’s lovable gal pals. The show is sprinkled with guest appearances from horror icons, as well as New Englander references, which I can appreciate. A Christmas holiday special will air on FEARnet, Tuesday, December 18. For more on the series, read my review here and check out my interview with director Adam Green!


Space Channel (Canada)

One of Canada’s best horror-comedy exports, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, was cancelled in the Summer, leaving horror fans crushed. The series contained everything that a horror fan could love: metal, horror, sex, and comedy, all set in high school, everyone’s one-time hell on earth. The series perfectly balanced coming-of-age issues with horror fantasies, allowing fans to escape with their favorite group of misfits each week. Sadly, the Space Channel was blind to this perfection and cancelled the series before letting it fully establish itself and find its groove. Shame on you, Space channel. To read my love letter to the late series, click here.

The Tall Man

Here’s a bit of advice to advertisers: don’t advertise your movie as a horror movie if it isn’t; you will only anger true horror fans if you do. The Tall Man presented itself as a horror that revolved around the legend of the tall man; an entity who kidnaps children in the middle of the night. However, halfway through the film, everything goes in a completely different direction and the movie becomes something unexpected–and not in a good way. The big reveal is given away far too early, making viewers question why they should bother finishing the movie. The film was trying to be a lot deeper and give a powerful message, except it sucked in doing so. To read my review of the awful movie, click here.

True Blood

True Blood started off so strong in the first two seasons but lately, it seems to have lost its spark. The series showrunner, Alan Ball, departed from the HBO hit last season and although I doubt his departure had an effect on the series (it wasn’t any better with him), the show is sinking slowly. There are elements of the series that are still enjoyable and there are likeable characters; however, the things that those characters are being forced to do is preposterous (I always wanted to use that word!). Lafayette has been totally neglected and abused with his storylines and Bill has become unlikeable. Alcide’s character is almost pointless, especially if he’s not going to have a relationship with Sookie. And Jason, well, Jason doesn’t love Jess anymore and he hates all vampires. Whatever. The series is becoming too ridiculous and cheesy for my standards and the storylines have no payoff at the end. Let’s hope that the next season is an improvement.

Rooney Mara

I love Rooney Mara, I really do. She is a talented actress and she proved herself in the US version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. That being said, I think she can occasionally say stupid things when she’s trying too hard to seem effortless and totally opposite of the “Hollywood type” in the industry. Case and point, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the football heiress made some questionable comments regarding her portrayal of Nancy in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, the film that gave her a start in the industry. Mara casually explained that she didn’t even want the role, almost as if it were beneath her, but she auditioned for it anyway. She stated, “Sometimes you don’t want to get something but you do a really good job and you get in anyway. That’s kind of [what happened] with A Nightmare on Elm Street-I didn’t even really want it. And then I went in [to audition] and I was like, [whispering] “F—. I definitely got that.” Oh, Rooney. You are lucky that I like you.

Bath Salts

During the Summer, the country was abuzz over a cannibalistic attack on a homeless man in Miami. The attacker ate the man’s face and was unresponsive to police when they demanded he stop. The situation becomes even more interesting when the police officers shot the attacker and he proceeded to attack, completely unfazed by the bullets. Everyone cried ZOMBIE! Someone eats another person and doesn’t respond to bullets is pretty unusual and horror fans know never to dismiss anything peculiar. In actuality, the man was suspected of being on bath salts (a designer drug similar to cocaine and meth); however, the drug was never found in his system. This attack started a slew of drug-related attacks all over the US and even in China! The news reports that poured in detailing the unfortunate ones to become victim to cannibals only reinforces the idea that DRUGS ARE BAD. Bath salts–and all other drugs–are definitely on the naughty list this year. Here’s to hoping that there will be no future face-eating happening in 2013.

He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you are awake. He knows when you’ve been bad or good and in case he missed you, I compiled this list for Santa as a guide. What have been your favorite and least favorite horror movies and/or moments of 2012?

Happy holidays!


  1. George Beremov [Nebular]

    I'm sorry, but I thought The Tall Man was genius!!! There's no way I'd put it on the "naughty" list. Although it's not necessarily a horror it's twice as disturbing as all the horror films released this year put together.

    The rest of the list is great!

    Did Rooney Mara really say that? What was she thinking?!?

    Happy holidays!:)

  2. Amanda

    Genius?! I wouldn't go that far. I think the marketing as horror is what made me initially hate it but the way that the movie was set up was awful. Too much is given too soon to care to keep watching! Happy holidays to you too πŸ™‚

  3. George Beremov [Nebular]

    Amanda, so you figured the twists out? I don't think so. I don't think you got it either. No offense. It was so well-conceived and unpredictable. I recommended it to at least dozen of my friends and they were all impressed by it. You should have give it a chance, I reckon.

    I thought V/H/S was the naughty one, well, not all of it, but half of the segments.

    Sorry for my not-too-nice comment, but I just can't myself but being honest.

  4. Amanda

    Your comment is fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I watched it with my mom and we both figured out who the tall man actually was once it was revealed that Jessica Biel was taking the children. I didn't find it unpredictible at all. I wish they would have reveAled things differently…it just wasn't my cup of tea. I really enjoyed a lot of what VHS had to offer because it was fun, as an anthology should be. A few segments really creeped me out and excited me; I really enjoyed it. BUT we can't all agree on everything!

  5. titania86

    I think Paranormal Activity 4 should be in the naughty list due to being awful and boring. American Horror Story: Asylum should be on the nice list due to being pretty awesome despite some WTF moments.

    I had no idea Rooney Mara was even in the Nightmare remake and it's disappointing that she made those comments. I thought Noomi Rapace was a better Lisbeth Salander and the American version was an unnecessary remake.

    Great lists!

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