The Lords of Salem Movie and Book Release

Rob Zombie’s latest horror, The Lords of Salem, will be released in theaters April 26, 2013. Along with a release date, the film is also publishing a tie-in novel, to be released on March 12, 2013. The novel is co-written by Zombie and B.K. Evenson and will be printed by Grand Central Publishing.

The book’s synopsis is as follows:

“Heidi Hawthorne is a thirty-seven-year-old FM radio DJ and a recovering drug addict. Struggling with her new-found sobriety and creeping depression, Heidi suddenly receives an anonymous gift at the station-a mysteriously shaped wooden box branded with a strange symbol. Inside the box is a promotional record for a band that identifies themselves only as The Lords. There is no other information. She decides to play it on the radio show as a joke, and the moment she does, horrible things begin to happen. The strange music awakens something evil in the town. Soon enough, terrifying murders begin to happen all around Heidi. Who are The Lords? What do they want?

The movie stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Ken Foree, Meg Foster, Dee Wallace, Sid Haig, Michael Berryman, and more.