Help George Romero Get a Star

You’d think that redefining the zombie sub-genre and making three of the most influential films in horror would have gotten George A. Romero a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a long time ago. Well, the Godfather of zombies doesn’t have a star and in order to honor the director, The Zombie Research Society has begun a campaign to raise funds to get him one. It’s up to YOU to donate and help make Romero immortalized on a sidewalk forever, and to remind audiences that he’s THE motherfucker who made the zombies you know and love possible.

The star costs $30,000 paid directly to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. That price covers the memorial’s installment and upkeep–something that Romero rightly deserves. In order to get a star, the horror visionary needs to first have his application accepted in order to even be considered. ZRS is on a mission to spread the word as much as possible, hoping to build a following strong enough for the Chamber of Commerce to take the entire thing seriously.

The set goal for the project is $45,000 and Romero and zombie fans alike can donate as much as they can afford. Prizes will be given away to individuals who donate $25 or more. ZRS is hoping to raise above their goal so please, if zombies have ever meant anything to you–donate whatever you can!

To donate funds to Romero’s star click here and to see why horror alums John Carpenter, Steve Niles, and Simon Pegg want you to donate, visit the Zombie Research Society . You have 50 days left to make a difference and show your support!


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