The Top Fearless Females in Horror

Women are a big part of the horror genre but are usually given the vulnerable victim roles as well as the main female heroine. It’s rare that a woman is in the role of the empowered and dangerous villain reeking havoc on everyone around them. Men normally get all of the fun being the one to fear; however, there are a few fearless females that have taken over the male dominated role and have caused destruction a lot worse and a lot more creative than any man ever could. Check out  the list of my favorite female horror badasses.
Asami Yamazaki–Audition

If you tell a woman that you’re going to call her–you better call her. What’s the point in playing games and causing her to wait by the phone? In the 1999 Japanese horror, Audition, a widow in search of love sets up a fake movie audition, where he auditions females he’s interested in. He’s introduced to the beautiful and quiet Asami and their relationship blooms from then on out. The only problem–Asami is batshit crazy. Not only does the beauty literally sit by her phone for DAYS waiting for her love to call her, she’s got a man tied up and treated like a dog in a sack kept in her apartment. Not to mention, she has an unusual fascination with piano wire which she uses in creative ways to seek revenge on her man once he breaks things off.
Annie Wilkes–Misery

Fanaticism is something each and everyone of us has felt over a particular person. Celebrities have also suffered from stalkers or have had close encounters with crazed fans. Stephen King explored the idea of what would happen if one of those crazed fans took things a bit further and actually kidnapped their favorite celeb and held them hostage in their home. For superfan, Annie Wilkes, author Paul Sheldon’s books aren’t just words on a page–they’re her life. The obsession with the writer’s work causes her to go to extreme lengths to keep a hold of her favorite author and to make her favorite book series come to life again.
Lola Stone–The Loved Ones

Prom is supposed to be one of the most memorable nights in a teenager’s high school life. Outcast, Lola Stone makes sure that her night, along with her desired date’s, is one that will never be forgotten. After being rejected by the boy of her dreams, the spoiled princess has her daddy kidnap him so that she can have who she wants for prom regardless. Except, her idea of prom includes lots of torture and blood as well as some light drill work. The mentally disturbed young woman playfully inflicts pain upon her date and happily describes her past conquests in vivid detail all while looking killer in a hot pink prom dress and crown.
May Canady–May

For some people, making friends is a lot harder to do. For May Canady, it’s almost damn near impossible. The socially awkward young woman meets people a long the way but rather than liking them for their personalities, she falls in love with their particular body parts. The painfully shy girl decides that if she can’t make friends regularly, she’s going to literally make a friend out of various body parts sewn together. Determined to make the perfect human doll, May makes her rounds, killing and taking body parts from the people she physically admires. Why have a bunch of actual friends when you can have one giant fake one?
Madison Bell–Swimfan

Young love can be powerful and sometimes a crush can literally be deadly, especially if you’re psychotic. When Madison Bell moves to a new town and falls for the unavailable swim team star, she doesn’t let the minor obstacle get in her way. She pursues him, seduces him, sleeps with him, and then threatens everyone and everything in his life. The scorned lover stops at nothing to make sure that she has her crush all to herself, even if he doesn’t want her.

Pamela Voorhees–Friday the 13th

Mother’s will always protect their children, even when they can’t. After her son tragically dies at summer camp, Pamela Voorhees vows to get revenge on the counselors who let him drown. When the camp is revived years later, Mrs. Voorhees pays a visit, a long with a really big knife, and begins killing the horny bastards too busy having sex to pay attention to their actual jobs. The dedicated mother proves that she will literally fight and die for her son, showing everyone just how strong her love for him truly is.
Ginger–Ginger Snaps

Being a girl coming into adulthood can really suck, especially after you’ve been bitten by a werewolf. Not only does Ginger have to endure the pain and misery of getting her period for the first time, she has to deal with subduing her new found lust for blood. The social outcast quickly blossoms into a seductive beauty and transforms physically and mentally into the beast that she was meant to become. The experience is exciting and fun at first, however, Ginger takes a dark turn and begins hurting the ones closest to her.
Baby Firefly–House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil’s Rejects

Some families hate each other and other families, like the Firefly’s, will fight and die for each other. The demented group of murderous necrophiliacs is made up of two feisty blondes, one of whom is the badass daughter, Baby. Baby likes to play and dress up just like any other girl except, she likes to include helpless victims as a part of her game. When the shit hits the fan for her and her family, she doesn’t go down without a fight. The devious diva proves that blood is thicker than water when she literally dies fighting for the ones that she loves most.
La Femme–Inside

For most women, having a child is a natural desire and if they can’t have that in their life, they can go crazy trying to get it. For La Femme in Inside, not having a baby is NOT an option and she decides that if she can’t make one herself, she’ll just take somebody else’s. On the eve of a pregnant woman’s scheduled delivery, La Femme breaks into her house and attempts to cut the baby from her belly, and viciously attacks the woman until she gets exactly what she went there for. The crazed mommy-wannabe creatively uses scissors for more than just cutting paper and makes you pray to never wake up to her standing over your bed.
Carrie White–Carrie

Bullying sucks but Carrie White discovers that there are ways to stop the abuse and get revenge on her classmates. On the night of her prom, after enduring a horrible prank, the normally timid young girl decides that she’s had enough and reacts in a way that no one expected. Covered in pig’s blood, Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to hurt and murder her classmates all while burning the school down.

Women are usually brushed off as harmless and weak but women can be deadly too. It’s that false preconceived notion that helps most of them succeed in causing destruction all around them. There are so many more fearless females from now and horror’s past. Bitches be crazy–we all know that–but I don’t have time to list every single one of them. Did your favorite female villain make the list?


  1. titania86

    Great post! These are some of my favorite female characters in horror. But it's so hard to choose which one is the best! I like that you chose so many different women from all different types of horror. There are a couple I can think of not on this list: The Woman from Lucy Mckee's film The Woman, Sarah from The Descent, and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  2. Amanda

    I did like The Woman as well! I made the list considering the females as villains and Buffy used her badassery for good, which is why she wasn't included. Who doesn't love her though?! Would u consider Sarah good or evil?

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