Lovely Molly Actor Found Dead

Lovely Molly star, Johnny Lewis, was found dead Wednesday morning after falling to his death outside a home in L.A. Inside was the body of 81 year-old Catherine Davis, as well as her dismembered cat–believed to have been murdered by the troubled actor.

Lewis recently appeared in the horror, Lovely Molly, as the title character’s husband and has also appeared on the FX hit, Sons of Anarchy. The 28 year-old actor was renting out a room in the elderly woman’s home where he met his end after neighbors describe the pair fighting and screaming inside the residence.

Witnesses explain that they heard the woman screaming followed by Lewis exiting the home with a 2-by-4 piece of wood, which he used to attack two other individuals on his lawn. Initially, it was suspected that the actor was on drugs, PCP or Meth; now, authorities are investigating a new synthetic drug called “smiles”, explaining to ABC news, “The thing we are seeing lately here in Los Angeles and across the country are synthetic designer-type drugs, something like ‘bath salts’, or the new one we’ve heard around here called ‘smiles'”.

According to TMZ, the men who were attacked by Lewis prior to his death explain that while fighting the star, he was “phenomenally strong” and described his fighting as “superhuman.”

Authorities are investigating the woman’s death, ruling it a homicide, and narrowing in on Lewis as the only suspect. They haven’t found drugs at the scene and won’t know if Lewis was intoxicated until after a full autopsy is done.


If this isn’t a PSA on why to stay off drugs–I don’t know what is. Although the actor didn’t star in big roles, it was obvious that the kid had some talent. It’s sad to see someone so young die, tragically, and even sadder to learn it was most likely due to drugs. Lewis’s bizarre story can be added to the long list of weird attacks that have been popping up across the globe.

Rest in Peace Johnny as well as the people who fell into your path on that fateful day.


  1. DrunkethWizerd

    I read about this story early this morning on Yahoo! From what I gathered, a lot of people would like him to Not actually rest in peace after murdering an 81 year old woman due to a drug induced freak out. The cat however, probably deserved it.

  2. Amanda

    Drunketh, I know. I just think it's a really sad story all around, regardless of the details. And they haven't proven anything yet. It's just fucking crazy.

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