The Miami Zombie Victim…Isn’t a Zombie

In May, the world was shocked to hear the terrifying news revolving around a crazed man who attacked and ate the face of another man in Miami. The attacker, Rudy Eugene, was shot and killed by police while his victim, Ronald Poppo, was left severely wounded and blind. Poppo finally broke his silence and described the disturbing ordeal to Miami homicide Detectives Sgt Altarr Williams and Frankie Sanchez in July. His statements were obtained by the media last Wednesday.

The 65 year-old homeless man explained, “He attacked me…He just ripped me to ribbons. He chewed up my face. He plucked out my eyes. Basically that’s all there is to say about it.”

Of course officials wanted to know more and continued to take down Poppo’s statement, questioning whether or not Eugene said anything to him during the attack. Apparently, Eugene was upset that he didn’t “score” at the beach and decided to take it out on the sleeping man. Poppo recalled his attacker’s words, “’You, me, buddy, and nobody else here…’I’m gonna — gonna kill you.’ Or something like that, I guess.”

Poppo went on to describe Eugene as talking “funny”, insisting that they both were going to die. Poppo concluded that his attacker must have been on some type of drug.

When thinking about his experience, Poppo calmy detailed, “He mashed my face into the sidewalk…my face is all bent and mashed up. My eyes, my eyes got plucked out. He was strangling me in wrestling holds at the same time he was plucking my eyes out.”

Eugene chewed off about 75% of Poppo’s face during the attack, leaving the man blind. Poppo was immediately rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he underwent several surgeries and was then transferred to Perdue Medical Center for long-term care.

Poppo insists that the men did not know each other and explains that he did nothing to provoke an attack, stating, “What can provoke an attack of that type?I certainly didn’t curse at the guy or say anything mean or nasty to him.”

The 65 year-old is currently still homeless and jobless, making for a more difficult situation. The man did not get upset during his talk with detectives but did become uncomfortable as he detailed what happened.

After talking with officials for about fifteen minutes, Poppo explained that he was tired and the interview was ended not before saying, “I thank the Miami Police Department for saving my life. That’s about the best I could sum it up as. If they didn’t get there in a nick of time, I would’ve definitely be in worse shape. Possibly I’ll be DOA.”