Resident Evil Retribution Game

September 14 marks another entry in the Resident Evil film franchise and to help keep zombie fanatics pleased until then, Sony has released a game to tie-in with the movie. The online game, Resident Evil: Retribution Street Invasion, allows gamers to fight off the savage undead as they swarm you on your home street!

Gamers can play now by going to the website and typing in their full home address. After the system verifies your information, it will bring up the picture of your street via Google maps and zombies will begin to swarm you. Fans can have fun while shooting the undead from their front doorstep!

The game isn’t exactly a masterpiece but it is pretty awesome to be standing on your actual street, facing countless zombies set on eating you alive. It gives the feel of what an actual zombie apocalypse would look like outside your home. Almost.

Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters Friday, September 14!