iPhone Could Get You Your First Movie Role

One of my life goals is to be murdered in a horror movie. Some may find that odd but what greater accomplishment for a horror aficionado than to be featured in something horror-related? Thanks to the upcoming movie, iBetween, I may finally have my chance because the company behind the film has a new contest to win a onscreen role.

If you have an iPhone–and I’m sure a majority of you do–all you need to do is make a recording of yourself, reading the given script, with the phone and submit your entry by October 25. The winners will be chosen on October 31, 2012, and the finalist will be featured in iBetween’s trailer and in a part of the movie as well.

iBetween tells the story of a mother whose four year-old daughter mysteriously disappeared (isn’t it always mysterious when something like that happens?) and begins receiving video messages on her phone from complete strangers, each person leaving a few words or speaking as if they were her missing daughter. After piecing all of the messages together, the mother realizes that her daughter is trapped in an in-between realm and requests the help from YouTubers (because I know if I were in a serious pickle, YouTube users would be the first people I would ask for advice).

For more details on the contest and the film, visit the iBetween website.