The Zombie Wave Continues

Has someone checked the water over in Florida yet? The zombie-like attacks just keep happening in the Sunshine state, the latest incident in St. Augustine, when a 22 year-old man went on a naked rampage, biting a chunk of a man’s stomach this past Saturday, July 7.

The attacker, Jeremiah Haughee, leapt from a homeowner’s roof and began to trash his patio before running inside of his home and attacking him. Prior to the attack, Haughee began to uriniate all over the residence. Classy.

When authorities arrived to the scene, they found Haughee wrestling the man and his sons on top of a glass and pee-covered porch. At that point the officers tasered the young man but to no avail. Following their failed attempt to restrain him, three more officers arrived and began tasering Haughee along with striking him in the knees–all of which did absolutely nothing to stop his maddness. Haughee then took a bite out of one of the officers before they managed to shackle and hood him.

Following the incident, the homeowner explained that Haughee had jumped from his roof, made his way to their porch, tackled him and his son, and then bit him on the stomach. According to the NY Daily News, the attacker was not tested for drugs because there apparently was no reason for him to take the test.

Hmmm, I guess running around naked and randomly attacking and biting a stranger doesn’t consitute as a good enough reason to be tested for drugs. Clearly, Haughee was on something OR he was just looking for attention. This is all starting to get out of hand now…