Sam May Be Having Lots of Sex in Season 8 of Supernatural

The Winchester brothers always seem to find room for love in their lives along with monster slaying and saving the world from the apocalypse and season 8 of the hit CW series, Supernatural, is no different. Sammy boy is set to have a new love interest as well as a new person to worry about.

According to TVLine, actress Liane Balaban (Alphas) will play the reoccurring role of Amelia, a “tragedy damaged soul” with a soft, sarcastic side. She sounds perfect for Sam! Or even Dean, who seriously needs to get laid and turn his frown upside down–once he escapes Purgatory, of course.

Along with a new lady friend, the brothers may have a problem in Benny, a new character who will make his first appearance in episode 2 of the upcoming season. Spoiler TV reveals that Benny hides behind a mask of deep savagery.

I was slightly disappointed in last season and it’s anti-climatic take down of the all powerful Leviathan; however, was excited by the brief glimpse of Purgatory. I cannot wait to see how Dean escapes and reunites with his brother to start where they left off.