Pontypool Sequel Update

In 2008 a unique take on the zombie genre introduced itself to horror fans as Pontypool, a movie that showed very little but still managed to creep you out with its eerie atmosphere and praiseworthy performances from actors like Stephen McHattie. A new poster for the upcoming sequel, Pontypool Changes, can be seen outside of the Fantasia Film Festival currently happening in Montreal.

The follow up to the horror will once again be directed by Bruce Macdonald and written by Tony Burgess, whom also wrote the book in which the first film was based. The poster is accompanied by a tagline that teases, “You’ve HEARD it all before but you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

In the first film, audiences followed a radio DJ as he and his crew are inside their station in the midst of an unexplainable outbreak. The film relied soley on sounds and caller testimonies of the events that were occurring around the small town rather than showcasing everything that was happening. The poster for the sequel suggests that the next entry will be showing viewers a lot more of what is going on in Pontypool and I CANNOT WAIT!