John Carpenter Closer to Directing Darkchylde

Director John Carpenter is obviously a legend in the horror industry with classics like Halloween and The Thing; however, lately it seems as though the legend has lost his magic–ahem, The Ward. Now, news is circulating that the filmmaker is closer to finishing a deal to film Darkchylde, based off of the comic book by Randy Queen.

Daily Grindhouse reports that Carpenter and his wife, Sandy King Carpenter, are currently gathering things together and creating the perfect creature to scare up audiences. The pair are teaming with Weta (Lord of the Rings) and Illusion Industries (Watchmen) to create both the creature and main character designs.

Darkchylde is a 1996 comic that followed a cursed teen, Ariel, who can become the creatures of her nightmares. The Carpenter’s are interested in Chloe Moretz, Elizabeth Olsen, and Elle Fanning for the lead role in the film.


  1. Aaron

    Sounds interesting. I'll see it because the character sounds cool… not because of Carpenter. As much as I cherish his older movies, he's just some other director to me nowadays.

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