Horror Movie Extra Scam

For the die-hard horror fans, being an extra in a horror movie is a life goal. For others, being a film extra is just regular work. For individuals in Scotland, responding to an ad to be an extra in a horror film may just rob you of your money.

Authorities in Fort Augustus, Scotland have reported an apparent scam revolving around a horror movie, Wood Evil, contacting individuals by email requesting their services to be an extra. The email asked the recipient to pay £60 to work on the film, which is around $90 in the U.S. Concerns were raised once the individuals contacted VisitScotland for information on the project, with no results.

Northern Constabulary and the Highland Film Commision in Scotland had no record of a project titled Wood Evil and explained that production companies would not ask for money from an extra. DUH! Authorities advised any further recipients to not pay and to inform them of the matter.

Wow, well thank the obvious police for clearing that up because apparently people in Scotland don’t have the common sense enough to just ignore the emails on their own. And Wood Evil? Come on, scammer. You couldn’t come up with a better title for your fake movie? Or ask for MORE money? Weakest scam ever.