Christian Slater Stranded in Canada

Christian Slater is going to make a comeback soon–I can feel it. The actor has several projects underway and is currently in Saskatchewan shooting the sci-fi horror, Stranded, directed by Academy Award winning director, Roger Christian. Man, what I would give just to be a PA mopping up Slater’s ball sweat during the filming.

Slater, who recently appeared in the forgettable thriller, Playback (don’t even get me started),will star in the upcoming horror as an astronaut a part of an Ark moon base that accidentally collides with a meteor. The crew quickly learns that spores from the meteorite can replicate cell structure, reproduce and mutate, causing everyone on board to fight for survival. Um, two Christian Slater’s for the price of one? Hell yes, meteorite, do your damn magic!

Along with the gorgeous Slater (who has a thing for younger women–CALL ME), the film also stars Brendan Fehr (YAY! Roswell for life!), Michael Therriault, and Amy Matysio.

I honestly don’t even care what this movie is about or who else is in it. It has two of my favorite things: Horror and Slater. I am already sold, thank you very much.