Christian Slater Continues to Ride Horror Train

Christian Slater seems to have found a niche in the horror genre, recently appearing in Playback and soon to be starring in Stranded. The 80’s heartthrob will begin filming another horror, The Awakened, which will also star 90’s It-Boy, Edward Furlong (Brain Scan, Terminator 2).

The Awakened is a horror that will be a modern take on Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. The story will follow a young woman as she returns to her hometown 14 years later to find her mother’s killer. The film will be directed by Arno Malarone.

The upcoming horror will also star Corey Sevier (Decoys–YUM), Steven Bauer (Scarface), and Julianne Michelle. Shooting will begin on September 10 in the Hamptons, NY.

Although Slater does better in comedies, I can’t complain that he is popping up a lot more frequently in my favorite genre! The film is still in early development so there’s aren’t many details to give at this moment.