Will Penny Talks Sex and Monsters

It seems like nowadays everyone is writing comics and going on to becoming successful artists within the entertainment industry. There are so many different works of art to choose from and there are even more popping up in the horror genre. Although not officially published, comic artist and writer, Will Penny, of Sex and Monsters has created a fun and hilarious site which includes his racy and lighthearted comics. The part time comic nerd and full-time lawyer took the time to talk with me about his love of comics, monsters…and sex.
Like most comic artists, Penny has been making comics ever since he could. It wasn’t until middle school when the storyteller realized that he could use his comic skills to his advantage, explaining, “I really got into art and comics when I realized it was a good way to grab the attention of my female classmates in middle school!  I wasn’t much of a jock (which is to say I was a complete nerd), but I could make people laugh with my drawings, and so I kind of latched onto that talent and went with it.”
The lawyer eventually used his talents to create quirky comics which revolve around his favorite part of the horror genre–sex and monsters. Taking inspirations from old monster mags and the popular Tales from the Crypt series, combined with the famous styles of artists like John Severin, Gahan Wilson, and Bill Keane, he developed a series of works perfect for horror fans looking for something classic yet completely new.
Some of his biggest inspirations are Severin’s artwork in Cracked Monster Party, Gahan’s artwork in Playboy, Ray Bradbury’s stories, the Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz (I was OBSESSED with those when I was younger!)
Penny’s comics are made for horror fans as he understands horror fans because the artist is one himself. In response to the horror genre and the ones that love it, he explained, “I think one thing I’ve noticed during this recent ‘geek renaissance’ that modern culture has been going through, is that horror genre fans are some of the most non-exclusive and most accepting types of fans around…I think us horror fans grow up sympathizing with monsters like Frankenstein and Quasimodo, and we learn from a very early age to be accepting of others — even if they are undead freaks! So that’s pretty cool.”
His comics contain a little bit of something for everyone in the genre and include some risque drawings that probably aren’t suitable for younger readers. However, despite the topics covered in his comics, Penny states, “I sometimes think I don’t go ‘far’ enough with my Sex and Monsters comic strips! I’ll sometimes come up with an idea and think, ‘maybe I should add another boob here, or maybe a splash of blood here!'”
Penny hopes to continue making his comic strips for the rest of his days and has plans on printing and initial Sex and Monsters collection. Right now, along with drawing up his next strip, the artist is planning his trip to San Diego’s Comic Con–the mecca for comic nerds everywhere. He detailed, “I’m [also] designing a t-shirt, some post cards, and some glow-in-the-dark buttons to hand out to folks during the San Diego Comic Con in a few weeks.  If I don’t run out, I’ll probably make that stuff available through my website at some point.”
Check out Penny’s Sex and Monster comics and cartoons and if you’d like to chat about it, discuss comics in general, or request his hand in marriage, email him at WillPenny@sexandmonsters.com!