Where on Earth is Morgan Jones?

Do you remember the father and son who saved Rick Grimes’ life in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead? It’s understandable if you don’t; the father-son duo haven’t been seen or even mentioned on the zombie series since their initial appearance. Now, actor Lennie James, who played father, Morgan Jones, talks about a possible return to the hit AMC show.

The actor talked to Digital Spy about guest starring on the series again, explaining that his busy schedule hasn’t allowed him to return.

 James explained, “It remains a possibility I could return. The character I played is away for a long time, so it’s kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back. There have been a few back and forth conversations and they check up on me every now and then. I had a fantastic time working on the pilot with Andy Lincoln and especially Frank Darabont. He’s somebody that I’d directorially always wanted to work with and I’m glad I got the opportunity.”

He continued, “There’s a possibility I might go back. It just depends on timing-wise if I’m free. At least one of the times they contacted me about it, I was busy doing something else.”

Okay James, if the producers of The Walking Dead call you about coming back–you go back, no matter how busy you are! I haven’t seen him in anything recently so he must not be that busy. I’m also sure that if the actor was to return as Morgan in the series, the producers would do their best to keep it a secret.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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    have been a big fan since Jericho, would like to see more of him on TV and film

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