Upcoming Horror Game Releases

Sorry for the lack of posts this week; I have been in Miami and Brazil searching and hunting down zombies and preventing the world from the apocalypse. During my downtime I was able to catch G4’s coverage of E3 and flipped my shit when I saw the gameplay and trailer for Sony’s The Last of Us and Capcom’s Resident Evil 6.

The Last of Us, which was originally announced at the Video Game Awards earlier this year, will be sold exclusively for the Playstation 3–which sucks because I don’t own the console. The game follows two survivors, Joe and Ellie, as they make their way through a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia and fend for their lives against the various obstacles they are presented with.

A demo of the mysterious survival horror game was shown at the Entertainment Expo and from just watching a little over 6 minutes, gamers can assume that it is going to be AWESOME. The game is very realistic and brutal and it gets even more interesting when you need to go through your inventory. If you haven’t seen the gameplay check it out below.

Along with The Last of Us, which still does not have a release date, the survival horror, Resident Evil 6, debuted a new trailer and some new gameplay. The zombie horror series reinvented itself with part 4 and after viewing the newest trailers for the upcoming entry to the series, it looks like Capcom has done it again, adding completely new elements while remaining true to its origin.

I’m PUMPED for this game! Not only are gamers reintroduced to our favorite characters from throughout the series, we also get to do new things like drive motorcycles, fly helicopters, and swim through zombie infested waters. October can’t come soon enough!

Check out both trailers below and tell me what you think! And please, if any of you have a PS3–invite me over. Thanks.

The Last of Us

Resident Evil 6