The Meat Puppet is Currently Filming in Jersey

If 50 Shades of Grey was about a handsome playboy who seduced a young girl only to torture and murder her–I’d probably enjoy it. Obviously, actor Keith Collins knows exactly how horror-minds think because he created the upcoming horror, The Meat Puppet, which is currently filming in New Jersey.

Silver Phoenix Entertainment and Valenti Vision Films present The Meat Puppet, a horror about a successful playboy named Andrew “Drew” Shelton who happens to have a love for human flesh. The film stars Collins, and is written by Emmy award-winners, Joseph and Billy Pepiton (Stuck in the Middle).

The American Psycho-esque story revolves around Shelton as he murders beautiful girls to use as a part of his lavish dinner parties. The narcissistic bachelor becomes obsessed with finding the perfect specimen for his next meal and his actions may soon find him in trouble when a detective begins investigating.

The Meat Puppet is being directed by Joe Valenti and produced by Keith Collins, who came up with the idea behind the film. The horror stars, Gregg Valentino, Billy Sample,  Brandon Ruckdashel, Geri Reischl, Jason Prager, Billy Garcia, and many more familiar reality stars.

To find out more about the upcoming horror visit their Facebook page or visit their website, The Meat Puppet.