Facebook to Premiere New Horror “The Perfect House”

It has become easier for filmmakers and storytellers to deliver their art to the world today due to the various entertainment outlets made available to us. One of the biggest and fastest ways to spread the word and connect with an audience is through Facebook and the new indie horror, The Perfect House, will be the first to debut on the social media site.

The Perfect House, directed by Buffalo, NY native, Kris Hulbert, is the first film for the young director and the first indie feature film to premiere on the independent movie distribution platform specifically built for Facebook. The online feature film is currently available for purchase for $3 on the social networking site and will be released on DVD and VOD July 17.

On October 1, the film will be available on all major online formats including Facebook, ThePerfectHouse.com, Gratwickproductions.com as well as other online distributors.

The psychological horror, also written by Hulbert, examines real-life horror and the evil that resides within all individuals. The Perfect House is an anthology horror that follows three separate stories revolving around a dream house with dark secrets.

The indie horror takes the audience on a ride through three different time periods with specific horror styles such as the 60-70s black and white off-camera violence and suspense; the classic 80’s slasher mixed with campy humor; as well as modern day horror with graphic scenes of violence. Everything in the film was specifically created to follow the traditional horror styles of the given time period so that the audience could experience the different sub-genres respectively.

The film stars, Jonathan Tiersten, Andrea Vahl, Chris Raab (aka Raab Himself from Jackass), Will Robertson, and many more.

For more information on The Perfect House check out Gratwick Productions or visit the film’s Facebook page.