Clive Barker Gets Sued for Giving Ex HIV

Poor Clive Barker. Earlier this year the horror genius most notable for Hellraiser fell into a coma that almost took his life. Soon after waking and recovering, things seemed to get better for the author/director/artist who’s Nightbreed series was picked up to be made into a television show. On the same day that he was announced to write the upcoming, Zombie Vs. Gladiators, his former flame, Emilian David Armstrong, filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he gave him HIV.

According to TMZ, Armstrong is filing the suit for support that he feels entitled to. The suit claims that Barker gave Armstrong HIV in 1996 and discovered that the horror legend contracted the disease from sleeping with his cousin who had AIDS. Armstrong explains that he waited sixteen years to file the lawsuit because the pair initially wanted to battle the disease together, before their relationship fell a part around 2003 due to Barker’s drug addiction.

Barker’s ex rehashed the details of their relationship as well as the questionable things that Barker participated in over the years–which is a little unnecessary, if you ask me. Apparently, Armstrong was Barker’s work partner and claims he is owed some of his profits. Armstrong also insists that Barker promised him support for life.

I’m not really sure if the basis of the lawsuit is that Barker gave his ex-boyfriend HIV or if he dumped him and isn’t supporting him as he promised. If Armstrong is suing Barker for giving him HIV, I’m not sure how he could win the case unless he can prove that Barker intentionally gave him HIV and in that case, Barker would most likely go to jail–right? However, if Armstrong is suing Barker for support, something he has no legal right to if he wasn’t legally married to the horror mistro, I don’t see how he could win the case either way.

Uh, here’s some advice Armstrong: GET A FUCKING JOB! Seriously. But no, you’d rather bash a person that you once loved and humiliate him to the press. How very cool of you.

As for the things revealed about Barker–um ew. What’s the deal with sleeping with your cousin? Now I understand why all of his work is morally messed up and completely disgusting.

I wasn’t aware that Barker had HIV until reading about this case and that’s sad in itself. Imagine going through that while simultaneously having to deal with a bogus lawsuit from your whiny ex who is just as responsible for getting HIV? If he was so concerned about his life he would have made him wear a condom in the first place.

Ohhh people, you make me sick.


  1. Dr Blood

    And this is why, it's best to never know too much about celebrities. πŸ™ They couldn't have got married anyway since they are both guys. Nope, it doesn't matter about the crazy new liberal laws or lack of them. That token gesture wouldn't have made any difference to their obviously dangerously promiscuous lifestyle anyway. Having said that, I liked Clive Barker's earlier stuff before it started getting too weird and all about magic carpets.

  2. DrunkethWizerd

    We're all going to die sooner than later, but I do so wish that people would stop bitching about everything their whole way through life. Everything sucks. That's the way it is.

    If Clive Barker did indeed give this guy some disease it was probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to him, so clamp that ass and mouth shut and enjoy the ride out.

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