Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Cast Update

As if the last sequel to Cabin Fever wasn’t awful enough (I love you, Ti West, but the movie SUCKED), Indomina films is looking to milk the film out of all it’s worth, which is nothing at this point, and turn it into an unnecessary franchise. The latest installment, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, has finally landed some of its cast and will begin filming in the Dominican Republic in August.

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is the third installment to the franchise which was created by Eli Roth in 2002. The first film followed a group of friends who became exposed to an unknown flesh-eating bacteria while staying in a cabin in the woods. The latest film will follow a group of passengers aboard a cruise ship that gets wrecked on a research island. The passengers must band together in order to survive before the bacteria kills them.

Variety reports that Sean Astin, Brando Eaton, and Ben Hollingsworth will star in the film which is written by Jake Wade Wall, the man behind the shitfest that is The Hitcher remake. You can just stop reading right here and plan on not seeing this film because it is most definitely going to suck balls. The story itself sounded redonk and once you realize who wrote it, you can see why.

Does this guy not understand the words “ridiculous” and “over-the-top”? Look them up, guy–PLEASE. Not even Sean Bean could save your last movie—one guy takes out an entire police force, including a helicopter–WITH ONE GUN?! I don’t think so.

So, once Wade Wall completely ruins Cabin Fever, producers behind the film are planning to take it into a fourth installment to be titled, Cabin Fever: Outbreak.

The thing that I loved about Roth’s original film were the characters and its setting. Take the story away from the atmosphere and lose the 80s feel of the original and you have nothing worth watching, especially when a shitty writer is set to create unbelievable characters. I wish Roth would just stop this!


  1. B.STANK

    I wonder how Ti West's entry would've turned out if the producers just left him the fuck alone and let him do his own thing. The montage at the end was embarrassingly bad!

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