Another Awesome Looking Zombie Game

Sony has the upcoming The Last of Us, Capcom has Resident Evil 6, and now Ubisoft has ZombiU. The innovative new survival horror game will be sold exclusively for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console and will fully utilize the tablet-like game controller.

The game premiered it’s trailer at E3 and the game controls were displayed in a demo during the Ubisoft conference. The newest addition to the zombie craze does look fun and similar to games like Island of the Dead and Left 4 Dead.

The game is a launching title for the Wii U and it’s a slight departure from the usual family-friendly games typically released with the console. Although the horror game does make me want to purchase the system, I still have some reservations about its controller–am I the only one who thinks it looks confusing as hell?

Anyways, check out the trailer and demo below. Will you be purchasing the Wii U?