Woodhaven Productions Greenlights ‘Self Storage’

Although Rhode Island may be having some issues with Curt Schilling and his game company (at least he won the Sox’s the World Series, right?!), they are doing very well in the horror department all thanks to Chad A. Verdi’s Woodhaven Productions. The film company has just green-lit it’s third horror film, Self-Storage, which will star Jonathan Silverman.

Woodhaven Productions had success early on with it’s first horror film, Inkubus, which has sold over 100,000 DVDs and had over 100 million buys VOD. Verdi told Dread-Central, “Inkubus is just the beginning for Woodhaven…we’ll be following up with our second horror film, Infected, starring William Forsythe and Michael Madsen, who battle zombies to the death.”

While the production company waits to release Infected on Halloween 2012, it will begin production on Self-Storage in July in East Greenwhich, RI. The film will star Silverman, who previously starred in Inkubus, and will be directed by newcomer, Tom Denucci, who briefly discussed the project with me here.

Self-Storage tells the story of Jake, a night security guard at a highly secure self-storage facility. When Jake invites his friends to his work for a giant booze-filled party, he discovers that the place has some dark secrets. Madness will surely ensue and I cannot wait!


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