Notorious Killer Kids

Usually when a horrific murder happens people assume that the crime was done by an adult. Afterall, children are innocent creatures who would never commit a disturbing act, right? In some cases, authorities and the community have been shocked to discover that some of the most vicious acts were made by kids under the age of 18. In response to my fascination of young murders, as well as the television series Killer Kids, I decided to compile a list of whom I believe to be some of the worst murderous offenders under the legal drinking and voting ages.

10.) Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker

The teen girls, who’s story inspired the Peter Jackson film, Heavenly Creatures, bonded over a shared history of bodily ailments and quickly became best friends. The pair’s friendship turned obsessive and when their parents feared that the pair were lesbians, they did everything they could to keep the girls a part. When Hulme was informed that she would be sent to live in South Africa, the two girls devised a plan that would keep them together. On June 22, 1954, Hulme and Parker went to the park with Parker’s mother, Honora, where they bludgeoned her to death with a brick wrapped in a stocking. The girl’s first told authorities that the woman accidentally fell and hit her head, however, upon examination of the body, police realized that the woman was murdered. The young girls were put on trial and sent to prison for 5 years, later moving on to lead successful lives. Hulme went on to a be a successful crime novelist (Anne Perry) in America while Parker opened up a children’s riding school. Well, it’s nice to know that killing someone won’t hinder your career and dreams!

9.) Eric Smith

This lovely young man is probably the prime example of ginger’s having no soul. Smith was 13 years old when he decided to take out his frustrations on an adorable 4 year-old boy, Derrick Robie. Smith, who was constantly bullied for his appearance, lured Robie into a secluded location near his home in New York where he proceeded to drop two boulder’s onto the boy’s head, undress him, and then sodomize him with a stick. The boy died of the trauma to his head as well as asphyxiation. Two days after his death, Smith confessed to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison. Smith has been denied parole several times, most recently this month. Umm, all I know is this: Smith most definitely met his karma for taking the life of the helpless little boy and more importantly, he’s probably been sodomized with things far worse than a stick while in jail. Every day is “Kick a ginger day” while in there and he’s prime rib!

8.) Joshua Phillips

This case really shows you what fear can cause somebody to do. The then 14 year-old boy from Florida was playing baseball with his 8 year-old neighbor, Maddie Clifton, when he accidentally hit her in the eye with the bat. When Maddie preceded to scream, Phillips dragged her into his room for fear of getting in trouble. While inside, the young boy strangled the girl with a phone cord for 15 minutes, hit her over the head with a bat, and stabbed her 11 times. Following the murder, the 14 year-old stuffed Maddie under his waterbed where she stayed for an entire week. She was discovered by Phillips’ mother while cleaning and the young boy was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The argument was that Phillips did everything in a panic for fear that his overbearing father would punish him but uhhh, his actions were a little overboard, don’t you think? Now Phillips probably wishes that his strict father was still the only man he has to fear.

7.) Jon Venables and Robert Thompson

The murder of James Bulger is the perfect lesson in never leaving your child alone while out shopping–or anywhere for that matter. On February 12, 1993, when Mrs. Bulger left her 2 year-old son outside a shop in England, he fell prey to two demented 10 year-old boys who were looking to cause some trouble. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson kidnapped the toddler and carried him to his final destination, dropping him on his head several times and being witnessed by 38 different people along the way. The dangerous duo brought Bulgar to a railway where they threw paint into his eye, threw rocks and pebbles at him, stomped on him, undressed him, and placed a boulder on his head before placing him onto the railway to later be hit by a train. Surveillance footage showed the boys abducting the toddler and they were arrested for the crime and put into custody until the age of 18 and then placed on lifelong license–whatever that means. In 2010, Venables violated his probation and was sent to prison. It’s probably only a matter of time before Thompson does something again as well. Thank God I don’t live in England!

6.)Melinda Loveless

One thing is for sure–girls are crazy bitches, no matter what their age. That craziness is amped up even further when love is involved and for 12 year-old Shanda Sharer, she fell for the wrong girl. The jealousy-filled crime was led by the psychotic pre-teen, Melinda Loveless, and her three friends who hadn’t even known their victim. When Loveless became jealous of her ex-girlfriend’s newest relationship with a pretty girl, Sharer, she vowed to make the girl pay. Insisting that she just wanted to scare Sharer with a knife, Loveless convinced Toni Lawrence, Hope Rippey, and Laurie Tackett to drive her to the young girl’s home where they lured her into the car with false claims that her girlfriend was waiting for her. Once inside the car, Sharer was held at knife point by Loveless and taken to a remote location where she was beaten and strangled until she lost consciousness. The girl was then kept in Tackett’s trunk where she was tortured for hours and was stabbed in the chest several times by Loveless and Tackett. By the end of the night, the girls brought Sharer to a final location where they burned her alive and then the group went to McDonald’s for breakfast, making jokes about how Sharer’s body resembled their breakfast sausage. Well, I’m sure Loveless wishes that she was having some sausage rather than the countless amount of tacos and broomsticks she will be having until 2020.

5.) Alyssa Bustamante

Ugh, this little bitch gives a bad rep to horror fans–just look at her! Disgusting, right? And in more ways than one. This little C-WORD (which I never use because I HATE it, however, it perfectly describes her). When the then 15 year-old wanted to have some fun and spice up her mediocre life, she decided that she was going to kill someone. Her victim was 9 year-old Elizabeth Olten whom she stabbed, strangled, and slit the throat of. Following the horrific crime, Alyssa Bustamante casually wrote about the experience in her journal calling it “ahmazing” and a “pretty enjoyable” experience–yes, in those exact childish words. The moron clearly kept her journal so it could be used against her as evidence and sure as shit, it was. The girl simply “wanted to know what it would be like to kill someone” and she succeeded. Now she will know what it’s like to be vulnerable and assaulted when she rots in hell.Go screw yourself you clown–or should I have said “Woo woo”?

4.) Martin Puccio and the Broward County 7

These Florida kids are a little older than most of the other cases previously discussed but they were all very, very young intellectually. When 20 year-old Martin Puccio met 18 year-old Lisa Connelly, she helped convince him that he should kill his best friend, Bobby Kent, for his horrible mistreatment. When the obviously mentally imbalanced and insecure Connelly wanted to spend more time with her new boyfriend, she set Kent up with her whore of a friend, Ali Willis (17). However, the relationship didn’t work out and Connelly had to devise another plan to rid Kent from her and Puccio’s lives for good. The manipulative Connelly told Ali that Kent was planning on killing her baby and that she wanted to discuss a plan to kill him. So, Ali went to Connelly’s house with two friends, 17 year-old Donny Semenac and 18 year-old Heather Swallers, where they were greeted by self-proclaimed hitman, Derek Kaufman. Together, the group of teens discussed how they would get rid of Kent and his bullying ways for good. On July 14, 1993, the group lured Kent to a secluded construction site with the thought of having sex with Ali. Instead of having sex, Kent was stabbed repeatedly and beat over the head with a baseball bat. Puccio, Semenac, and Kaufman all received life in prison while the remaining members of the group had reduced sentences. Moral of the story?
Be careful who your friends are and when you think you REALLY want to have sex, masturbate instead–it could save your life.

3.)Jesse Pomeroy

This lovely bastard hails from the classy location of Charlestown, Massachusetts–you know, the place filled with the lowlifes depicted in The Town? Yup, this guy lived pretty close to where I’m from (well, in the same state!) and he was as psychotic as they come. They always say that Lynn is the “City of Sin” but I’m pretty sure that Charlestown is the breeding ground for lunatics. Case and point: Between 1871-1872 Jesse Pomeroy, then 12, attacked several young boys in the Boston area but was never arrested. In 1874, when the boy was 14, he murdered 10 year-old Katie Curran and disposed of her remains in his mother’s basement. Around this time, the mutilated body of 4 year-old Horace Millen was found in the Dorchester Bay area. Pomeroy became the youngest person convicted of murder in the first degree in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Oh, don’t worry Pomeroy–I’m sure you won’t be the only one on that list for much longer.

2.) Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Whenever I think about this case I can’t help but shudder out of fear, disgust and sadness all in one. In 2007, two 19 year-old men committed some of the most vicious acts in the Ukraine, further reminding me why I would never want to go there. Viktor Sayenko and Igor Suprunyuk (what a sexy name) decided that they wanted to make some fast cash and in today’s society the best way to do that is to perform lude acts on film. I mean, look at the guys of Jackass and pretty much every other douche on YouTube and Break, right? Anyway, the twisted bastards wanted to make something good; they didn’t want to just do silly acts with no depth. No, they wanted to murder people–because that’s so much friggin better?! The individuals, along with one other accomplice, senselessly murdered 33 people over a short-span of time before eventually being caught and the worst part is that they filmed most of their crimes. The men beat individuals, murdered cats, and even cut a fetus from a woman’s belly. Although most of their crimes were severe, the most notorious of the spree was the death of Sergei Yatzenko whose murder was filmed and leaked onto the internet. The scariest thing about all this was that the boys had absolutely no remorse–they were seen and heard laughing throughout their video recordings as if what they were doing was just another day in the park. Both of the attackers were sentenced to life in prison but somebody needs to send them to a Hostel where they will be tortured and murdered for fun.

1.) Daphne Abdela

There’s nothing worse than an entitled little brat–unless you’re an entitled little brat with some serious anger issues. When 15 year-old Daphne Abdela was out drinking one night in Central Park with friend, Christopher Vasquez, the pair decided to attack and rob a passerby. According to Abdela, it was Vasquez who stabbed the 44 year-old stranger–at least 50 times–before slicing his throat. The deranged young couple robbed the man of whatever he had and Abdela ordered Vasquez to gut their victim. Abdela wanted the victim gutted so that he would sink when they threw him into the lake. When authorities investigated further, they discovered that the victim wasn’t a stranger to Abdela, he was a friend she had known from rehab. An altercation had occurred between the man and Vasquez prior to the assault which was described as one of the worst things that the officers had ever seen. The body was discovered with multiple stab wounds, an almost severed wrist, and his intestines hanging from his body. Abdela tried to manipulate and lie her way out of the situation–because she is an evil little bitch–however, she sabotaged herself with an “anonymous” phone call made to police near her home. The girl served her time but guess what–she’s out now and she’s probably lurking Central Park like an evil troll, waiting for her next victim.


  1. Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror)

    You know, I always say that I "like" true crime stuff but when such young people like this are the perpetrators… I'm just at a loss for words. I've heard of a few of these, but most are news to me, good research. Have you read Harold Schecter's book about Jesse Pomeroy? His story in particular is very interesting, and the book is a great read.

    Here's a not-so-fun fact: Alyssa Bustamante's victim was found a few miles from my house. Everybody was stunned by this crime – who did it and who the victim was – especially since any kind of murder is so rare around here.

  2. Amanda

    Ah! That must have been awful knowing that she lived so close to you…and learning what she did to that poor little girl. I watch a lot of true crime stuff so I was familiar with most of the cases very well but I just learned about Pomeroy. I haven't read the book but I'm gonna have to check it out! I still wanna read The Devil's Knot–the book about the Memphis 3–because I'm fascinated by that story as well. It's scary how brutal the female killers were vs the males–just goes to show anyone is capable of anything!

  3. Jenny Krueger

    Crazy little bastards. It makes me wonder how their home life was and what could drive them to do such horrific crimes. My dad's friend saw Ted Bundy walking along the sidewalk the day before he was captured in Utah. Crazy stuff!

  4. Anonymous

    Whatever you do please do not be pulled by the West Memphis 3 are innocent bs . Devils Knot and the documentaries are so flawed it's sad. Darien Echols is back into ranting about Witch Craft and Wicca , refuses to visit his son and several files about the case have been released that proved guilt .
    2 of the boys confessed to several people , none had alibis and when the celebrities jumped on the band wagon Arkansas just gave up . The Terry Hobbs DNA was very easily explained as transfer and so on . There is a site called West Memphis 3 Facts that has all the files on the case the Free The WM3 fans do not want people seeing . Damien was and is still an lying creepy sociopath .

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