Lin Shaye Joins Hell Hunters

Lin Shaye is my hero. The actress has proved that she can be hilarious (and disgusting) in comedies like There’s Something About Mary and Kingpin and she’s also showed horror fans her serious side in films like Insidious. The versatile actress has just added another horror project to her resume and has signed on to star in the upcoming television series, Hell Hunters, which also stars Bill Mosley and Michael Berryman.

According to a press release, Shaye will star as a disgusting and demented grandmother to one of the main characters in the series.Hmm, I’m sensing a pattern in the characters that she plays–she’s always crazy or disgusting.

The show, created by Lawrence Donini, is an action/horror thriller that will follow two childhood friends, played by Mosley and Berryman, who decide to become the vigilante characters in a horrific comic book they read. Hell Hunters is still in early development so there aren’t many details on the project as of now but it sounds like the perfect series for FEARnet, don’t you think?


  1. brokkin

    i may sound really silly but what channel is this actually on or what site. i have been REALLY wanting to watch but haven't been able to find it!!! please help!!!

  2. Anonymous

    We start shooting end of July and although we have offers from some major networks we are most likely going to launch the show on a brand new horror network which will launch end of year. There will be major press releases coming in the following weeks. We are extremely excited to break the news to everyone. We are finalizing the deals over next couple weeks.

  3. Amanda

    Hmmm, I'm excited to hear about this new horror network! Please send me some press releases–I'd love to post any updates

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