Julianne Moore is About to Get Cray Cray

When a director is looking for the perfect actress to play a psychotic bitch, I think I’d probably be a little insulted if I was immediately their first choice. Well, I doubt Julianne Moore was upset about being considered for the role in the upcoming remake of Carrie because she has just finalized the deal for her role as Margaret White. Moore will star alongside Chloe Moretz who will take on the title role in the upcoming Kimberly Pierce horror.

Deadline confirms that Moore will play the overbearing mother of Carrie White and I believe that she is the perfect choice (Thank God she doesn’t have to do her horrible Boston accent for the part). Now producers are looking at Gabriella Wilde to play Sue Snell, the popular girl with heart. The role was originally played by Amy Irving.

The newest adaptation of the Stephen King classic is set for a release date of March 15, 2013.


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