I Want to Get Stranded in Space With Christian Slater

I will use any excuse to post about Christian Slater and lucky for me and my slight obsession, the actor is signed on to star in the upcoming sci-fi/horror, Stranded, directed by Roger Christian–so, I don’t need an excuse; I have a legitimate reason! The film is currently being brought to Cannes by Canadian production company, Cinemavault.

Excuse me for a slight few seconds while I fantasize about Slater arching those eyebrows of his and reciting lines from Pump Up The Volume seductively in my ear…

Um, anyways…Bloody-Disgusting reported about the project (not sure if they were the initial source, but who cares) which will follow a mysterious infection that takes over a space station in the future. Hopefully, (and by hopefully I mean it friggin better) it will have a lot more Slater screen time than his last horror, Playback.

Honestly, I would love to be stranded in space with you Christian. I don’t care if you’re old enough to be my father (sort of).

There aren’t many details about the film but when they do arise I will obviously let you know.