Eli Roth to Open Haunted Attraction in Vegas

As if the warm weather, girls in bikinis, and gorgeous casinos weren’t enough to make you take a trip to Vegas, horror director, Eli Roth, has just given genre fans an even bigger reason to travel to Sin City. The Cabin Fever and Hostel director is set to open the haunted attraction, Eli Roth’s Goretorium, at the corner of the strip on September 27–just in time for Halloween!

Deadline reports that Roth, who already has a highly successful Hostel attraction at Universal’s Horror Nights, will open the haunted house at the corner of the strip and Harmon by the end of the Summer. The Massachusetts native stated, “Horror fans know that with my name on it, it won’t be for little kids. They know it will be a very scary experience.”

The attraction will be opened all year round and Roth hopes that it will become “the world mecca for horror fans.” According to the director, he has already received offers to franchise the attraction in Tokyo, London, and New York.

In the meantime, Roth is currently set to begin filming on his latest television venture, Hemlock Grove, a mystery series which will air on Netflix.

Ugh, now I definitely need to go to Vegas this year. I have always wanted to go to Universal’s Horror Nights because they have some pretty awesome attractions developed from my favorite horror films, however, I’ve never had the chance. I am definitely excited about this new project for Roth and even more excited that it will be open all year round. Will you be heading to Vegas this Halloween?