Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is Dunzo

Holy Jupitershit! It looks like Todd and his gang of friends won’t be fighting evil in the halls of Crowley high any longer. The cult hit, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, has just been canceled from the Canadian network, Space, which originally aired the show.

The show, which was just recently picked up by FEARnet in the U.S. as well as other networks in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, has officially been pulled from the Space network, a rep has confirmed. The show’s creator, Craig David Wallace, even confirmed the news Monday, April 23, at the Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards, where he was being honored for the horror comedy series.

Fans everywhere are most likely devastated because the series perfectly suited our nerdy horror needs and now it will be no more. The show is still airing the remainder of Season 2 on FEARnet and my hope is that the network will continue the series and produce a third season.

The show follows a group of teens who fight the evils caused by a demonic book while simultaneously going to high school and dealing with their own real-life issues. Known for its witty and hilarious dialogue as well as its respect to the genre with its numerous homages and geeky horror fantasies, the series is a gem in the world of crappy television. It will seriously be missed and audiences will definitely mourn this loss. I’ll try to hold myself together as I try to grip the reality of no longer seeing Chris Leavins on my TV screen on a weekly basis.

Let’s all pour out a little bit of liquor as we remember Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. It was a good run.


  1. Jenny Krueger

    I hate when they do that. Why cancel something that everyone likes? It's nice to know that they're trying to put out a third season. I'll keep my eye open for that.

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