Ti West is Gonna Make the BedBugs Bite

It can happen to anyone. You’re lying in bed, relaxed and vulnerable, until you feel your skin start to itch. Pretty soon you realize that your bed is infested with a disgusting and almost unstoppable creature–bedbugs. Now, imagine the horror intensify when the situation starts to make you question your sanity–are you really being attacked by bedbugs or are you just losing your damn mind? That’s the scenario in the upcoming horror, BedBugs, based off of the bestselling novel by Ben H. Winter’s. The film’s rights were just sold to Tango Pictures and Ti West has been chosen to helm the script.

Deadline reports of the recent deal which is still in the early stages of development. The book tells the story of the Wendt family who move into a new home in Brooklyn and begin to experience strange things. One of the family members begins to experience what she believes to be bedbug bites (say that 5 times fast) but when she notices that she’s the only one receiving the bites, she fears that she may be going crazy.

Jason Rekulak of Quirk Books, who originally published the novel, stated, “Reading Bedbugs as a manuscript felt like the literary equivalent of a Ti West horror movieβ€”a slow-burning supernatural story with fully realized characters, light on gore but heavy on menace and dread.”

Reading the synopsis of the upcoming film and the book it is based on literally makes me start to itch. I absolutely DESPISE insects, mostly roaches, spiders, and centipedes (those bastards move like hell) because they’re disgusting and they can bother you at any moment, when you’re least expecting it. Plus, they don’t give a damn about your feelings on the situation. They will crawl right up into your ear and/or mouth while you sleep and there’s nothing you can do about it.

When there was the recent “bedbug scare” happening everywhere, I was terrified I would somehow get them–I even feared receiving packages that may somehow bring bedbugs into my home (that can happen). So, the fact that the story plays on a real life fear, a fear of becoming infested and unable to live in your own home, already sells me as a horror fan. Horror that is based on situations that can actually happen is ten times more terrifying than a boogeyman hiding under your bed.

The premise sounds like it will make for a terrifying film and I know that it will be written brilliantly if West is behind the script. Now, I’m debating whether or not I want to read the book because I know if I will, I will most definitely become paranoid and cover my room in cellophane.


  1. Chris Rennirt

    It's about time someone decided to do a horror movie about bedbugs! Movies about every other insect have been done to death, so I say bring on those pernicious parasitic producers of peril! (Say that three times fast too!) Yes, nature has gone amok with everything else, so I can't wait for the bedbugs! Great news, Mandy!

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