Tenants of “Amityville House” Sue Landlord

Man, it is so hard to find a place to live nowadays. With the insane rent and utility expenses, it has become almost impossible to move out of your parents basement and support yourself. Not only are expenses an issue when looking for a new home–people also need to worry about their place being haunted! Unfortunately for Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla, they picked the house in which The Amityville Horror was filmed–and now she’s suing her landlord!

The terrified couple moved into their new home in Tom’s River, New Jersey, along with their two children, on March 1. After experiencing what they believe to be paranormal activity, the family fled from the home on March 13 and have been staying in a hotel ever since. At first, the family thought that the spooky activity was just a part of them adjusting to a new home. However, the activity became worse with doors banging shut, clothes flying out of closets, and eery voice recordings that said, “Let it burn.”

Shortly after fleeing the home, which was apparently used as the home for the 1979 horror classic, The Amityville Horror, the couple filed a lawsuit in a New Jersey Superior Court, seeking the $2,250 deposit from their landlord, Richard Lopez.

Lopez quickly filed a countersuit, claiming that the couple was simply trying to get out of their lease early. The landlord’s attorney, David Semanchik, told the Asbury Park Press,”Frankly, there is something else going on…She is a single mom, she has this fiancé living with her. I think she is in over her head and she can’t afford the rent.”

Now, Lopez has filed a claim against his former tenants insisting that their false allegations of a haunting may steer future renters and buyers away from the property.

First of all, why didn’t the dumb tenants research their home and find that it was the house used for filming a movie about one of the most haunted houses in America? Maybe they did and that’s where they came up with their ridiculous idea of suing their landlord. I guess the lesson learned here is now people can pretend their house is haunted in order to get out of a contract to pay for it. You gotta love people.


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