Suspiria Remake On the Way

I bet when you first watched Pineapple Express high off your ass, the first thing you thought was, “Hey, whoever made this movie would probably make a really great remake of Suspiria.” Or maybe you didn’t. It doesn’t really matter whether you thought that or not because either way, the film’s writer, David Gordon Green, is set to direct the remake of the 1977 Dario Argento classic.

Deadline reports that Green, along with scriptwriter Chris Gebert, are finally moving forward with the project and are currently looking for the lead actress to play protagonist, Suzie. The remake, produced by Crime Scene Pictures, is being financed by Adam Ripp, Rob Paris, Francesco Melzi d’Eril from Memo Films and Luca Guadagnino.

Crime Scene partners Ripp and Paris released a statement saying, “We love the style and energy of the original film – and David’s script brilliantly updates the world, presenting a rare opportunity to create an elegant, classic horror film.”

The original film follows an American student who travels to Europe to attend a prestigious dance academy only to find that it is a front for something much more sinister.Production on the film will begin in September.

It was just months earlier that Green feared the film would never be made due to the rise in low-budget horror films seemingly taking over Hollywood as of late. The writer-turned-director had doubts that he would be able to find someone to help finance the film but it looks like he lucked out, now didn’t he?

What do you think of a Suspiria remake? Are you excited or are you pissed? I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t seen the original (I know, I have sinned) so I don’t have many thoughts on the upcoming film.


  1. Clarky

    Definitely pissed. You need to check out the original, its an experience to say the least! I prefer Deep Red and Inferno but he certainly is an interesting director.

    I wonder if Green is going to have children in the film as Argento originally planned – all the door handles are at head height to make it look like the actresses were smaller and more childlike!

  2. Kayleigh

    This is definitely a remake I'm going to pass on. Even if they do a decent job, the original is so iconic I just can't imagine how anything could live up to it.

  3. Thomas

    There's only one good thing that occurs when a classic horror film is remade. The original suddenly shows up on the shelves at Wal-Mart for $10 or less. Mark me down as pissed.

    You really need to see the original. The Goblin soundtrack is super creepy and bloody amazing.

  4. Chris Rennirt

    Yes, there are certain horror movies that REALLY don't need to be remade, and Suspiria is definitely one of them. I also will not be watching this one–even to review it.

  5. Hor ROAR

    As with any remake I refuse to pass judgement until I finally see it but Suspiria has some of the most beautiful imagery of any 70s horror film. One of my personal favorites that I would hate to see destroyed. I'm pretty excited to see what Green has in store for this installment and hope his idea stays true to the unsettling pace and great camerawork. I will say Argento has a pretty strict formula for all his films, so maybe this remake will be nice and fresh.

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