Remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night

The thought of a strange, bearded, overweight man basically intruding people’s homes every year to bring their children “presents” actually sounds scary now that I think about it as an adult. It only makes sense that the story of Santa would be made into a horror for fans to devour and for children to fear the jolliest of holidays. Now the 1984 horror classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night, is being resurrected by Anchor Bay who just purchased the rights to the film.

Variety reports that Anchor Bay has purchased North American rights to the Christmas-Horror remake, Silent Night, a film loosely based on Silent Night, Deadly Night. The reboot will star Malcolm McDowell (Halloween, A Clockwork Orange) as a local sheriff trying to save the day.

The film will be directed by Steven C. Miller while the script will be overseen by executive producer, Jayson Rothwell.The horror tells the story of a local police station trying to capture a killer Santa Clause terrorizing their small town on Christmas Eve. The production team hopes to have the film ready by next holiday season.

It sounds like McDowell will have a starring role in this film as opposed to a supporting role that he is cast in often, and that makes me EXTREMELY happy. I love McDowell and even though he has starred in some crappy movies as of late, he’s usually the best thing about every movie I’ve seen him in. And plus, I have a slight crush on him since I met him about two years ago.

Are you excited for this remake?


  1. Jenny Krueger

    I'm really excited about this remake. I do feel at ease knowing Anchor Bay is behind it. Little known fact. Did you know that Silent Night, Deadly Night was filmed where I live, Utah?! I find that really awesome. πŸ˜€

  2. Hostel Hawaii

    I loved the original Silent Night Deadly Night as a child. But this one wasn't as good in my opinion. If you like just good ol cut em up movies with lots of blood and guts then you'll love this one! Just a classic slasher movie really!

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