John Hawkes is a Moron

By now fans of the hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, know that British actor, David Morrissey, is set to play the evil and controlling Governor in the next season of the AMC drama. What many of you probably don’t know is that the badass role could have gone to John Hawkes (Martha Marcy May Marlene, Winter’s Bone), who passed on the job. Seriously?

Hawkes is known for the gritty and dark roles that he has portrayed in the past, which would make him the perfect fit for the infamous Governor, however, the actor felt as though he wasn’t right for the series. In an interview with Movie Web, Hawkes explains his decision to turn down the role that eventually went to Morrissey.

The creepy and insanely skinny Hawkes told the site,”They offered me the role, and I just felt there would be someone else who could do it better…I was flattered, and I took a look at the series. It held interest for me, but I just didn’t feel like I was the guy for it. I have to be careful of what TV shows I choose, particularly ones that have commercials in them, because it’s going to be a different kind of television show. There are going to be sponsors. No matter how good the show is, if there are commercials, it’s going to be a different show, to me. That’s just my personal feeling. Yeah, it was nice of them to ask, and it’s a good show, but, again, I just didn’t feel I was the guy. They came to me and sent me the graphic novel and the first two seasons. I took a look at them, and just didn’t feel like it was for me.”

I’m not really sure what he has against commercials or sponsors–maybe it’s because he wants to stay  true to his Indie roots? What I don’t get is this: the guy has a supporting role on HBO’s Eastbound and Down, which totally does nothing for his indie cred so, what was wrong with portraying an awesome role on AMC?

Whatever, man. If you’re too cool to play an awesome character on an awesome television series then go ahead and turn it down. We didn’t want to see you in it anyway. Now, I am only more excited to see what Morrissey brings to the table–at least he seems grateful for the opportunity. 


  1. Anonymous

    Ouch, Mandy. In a past interview Hawkes said he hated his guest role on LOST, too, but cited the limitations of the television format. I think the guy just prefers movie acting. And Walking Dead sucks anyway, so it was probably a good choice.

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