Girls and Corpses Magazine Review

I’ll admit, I immediately judged Girls and Corpses by its cover, and automatically assumed that it was a trashy magazine for perverts. While the magazine does appeal to pervy men everywhere, it is also filled with a ton of fun stuff spanning from hot girls, comedy, horror, comics and more, making it the perfect read for anyone with a love for several genres rolled up into one.

There are a few different horror magazines to choose from in the industry, ranging from Fangoria to Rue Morgue, which mostly focus on horror entertainment news. The biggest difference with Girls and Corpses magazine is that it covers more than just horror movies and TV, rather, it provides a much wider spectrum for readers to choose from. 

The best way that I can describe the magazine is by comparing it to Playboy…for necrophiliacs. Every article is lighthearted and fun while also maintaining the hovering morbid sensibility. The racy magazine takes its readers around the spectrum with things like trips to super expensive cemetery’s where only the rich are buried, showcases Gothic photography and similar art, includes sexy photo-shoots with scantily clad women with a rotting corpse, and includes humorous and morbid comics that can’t be found anywhere else!

Girls and Corpses does include interviews and covers the usual upcoming horror film but it also gets creative and does exposΓ©’s on things like professional embalming and the grave site of Edgar Allan Poe. So many different things can be found to satiate your horror entertainment appetite as well as your lust for good looking corpses.

Clearly, the magazine doesn’t take itself seriously and everything that it does is done all in fun. So, if you ever get bored with reading your typical horror magazine, pick up a copy of Girls and Corpses magazine and escape to a land where sleeping and playing with dead bodies is perfectly fine.


  1. Anonymous

    Some of their spreads just look really snappy when tacked to the inside of your work cubicle.

  2. Chris Rennirt

    Thanks for the review, Mandy! I was always curious about this magazine. I'm not into necrophilia,but the girls sound interesting for sure! I'll have to check this one out!


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