Get Read to Stay in Holliston

Finally, a show worth watching is actually given a chance before being canceled. FEARnet recently announced that it has renewed the Adam Green and Joe Lynch horror-sitcom, Holliston, for a second season, just three episodes into it’s first season. The sophomore season is slated for a Summer 2013 premiere.

The show, which is completely hilarious and exactly what I’ve been waiting for, follows two burnout best friends who are trying to become horror directors while simultaneously trying to make ends meet with their daily lives. Holliston stars Green, Lynch, Corri English, and Laura Ortiz, who’s chemistry jumps off of the screen every time that the actors are onstage together.

In response to the positive response to the series, creator, Green, told FEARnet,”We’ve been overjoyed by the audience’s response and reactions to the show…It’s amazing to watch the characters be embraced so quickly and to see fans quoting it on Twitter, Facebook and at conventions around the country.  There is something truly special happening with ‘Holliston’ and the way that it has been received by fans.”

Holliston, the first original program for the network, premiered on April 3 alongside another awesome horror comedy, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, as a part of FEARnet’s Twisted Comedy Block. FEARnet President and General Manager, Peter Block, praised the series stating, “Holliston resonates with both genre junkies and more mainstream comedy fans alike, making our first push into original programming a successful attempt for diversifying our schedule and showing the breadth of our audience.”

He finished, “Adam Green and Joe Lynch bring to life a truly original series perfectly fit for FEARnet.”

If you haven’t watched the show yet you are seriously missing out because it is completely and totally made for each and every one of you. To read my review, click here, and to check out my interview Adam Green, click here.

I suddenly have the strong urge to go to Market BASKET (in my Laura Ortiz voice).


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