Forget Me Not Movie Review

By now, you think that kids in horror movies would learn not to play a trick on someone because it almost always results in horrible consequences–i.e. the person dies. Then, like clockwork, the wronged individual somehow comes back to seek revenge on the individuals who hurt them. It’s a classic revenge-horror scenario that has been done countless times before. The 2009 horror, Forget Me Not, follows this overdone scenario, resulting in a bland and predictable movie not worth watching.

The boring horror opens with a young girl running through a graveyard, hysterical at something that has happened. The audience doesn’t get to find out what has upset the girl because she doesn’t remember and then the film flashes forward to present day where a group of high school kids, including the girl, are celebrating their graduation at a party. The group of friends is made up of one-dimensional attractive characters which are pretty much seen in every single other other movie plus a few cardboard cutouts that are placed as fillers to be killed off shortly into the film.

At the party, Sandy (the girl from the beginning) and her friends decide to play a game of tag, only their game has a twist: one person plays the “ghost” who must tag the others and make them ghosts, leaving one person to be the winner. Stupid, I know. This time their game has an additional player–a young girl who Sandy can’t quite remember. The mystery girl ends up winning the game of tag and her response to her victory? She jumps off a cliff. Okay, first of all, why the hell are a group of 18 year-old kids playing a game of tag?

Anyway, Sandy obviously becomes upset, as one should in a situation like that, and informs the police who can’t seem to find a body. Sandy seems to be the only one who cares about the girl’s apparent suicide as everyone else goes back to their daily routine the following day. Just a dumb broad jumping off a cliff, I guess.

Following the weird girl’s even weirder reaction to winning a game of tag, the supernatural occurrences start happening and mofos start dying like crazy at the hands of mysterious zombie/ghost-like creatures. Meanwhile, Sandy and her dumb boyfriend and other dumbass friends go about their bidness, preparing for their planned road trip to God-knows where. I honestly couldn’t remember where they were going because I found it extremely difficult to pay attention.

So, Sandy is the only one questioning where her missing friends are because guess what? No one else remembers them. That’s right; when one of the friend’s is killed, they are seemingly wiped off of the Earth as if they never existed, except Sandy remembers everything. Why, you ask? I couldn’t tell you.

The whole roadtrip becomes pointless because the kids never actually end up anywhere but where they started–which they were able to get back to insanely fast. It was like the writer just forgot what he was writing and had the kids just move onto something else, which made no sense to me.

When Sandy realizes what is going on, she starts remembering a cruel prank that she and her friends played on her friend, Angela, who had a seizure from playing their ghost-tag game when they were little. The girl ended up in a coma–either from the jump or from the seizure–and she has been playing the game–for real–with Sandy’s friends, turning them into ghosts one by one.

Ugh, seriously? That’s the big reveal? Yawn.

So, Sandy must stop Angela by killing her before midnight to release the curse and blah, blah, blah. The movie wasn’t very original (clearly) and the characters weren’t anyone that you could route for. Sandy just seemed like a psycho most of the time due to Carly Shroeder’s overacting in every scene.

The story didn’t make sense to me or excite me in anyway. I only kept watching because I wanted to see what the group of kids did to the girl when they were younger to make her seek revenge and when I found out, I wasn’t shocked by their actions. So, they scared her and she had a seizure–big whoop. Last I heard, you don’t go into a coma for having a seizure but maybe I’m mistaken. Either way, the whole thing was stupid. Plus, there was no nudity or ANYTHING juicy enough to make you want to keep watching.

Skip this one completely because there is absolutely nothing new or enticing for you as a viewer. It’s a story that has been done before and done better than this. Unless you want to watch a bunch of attractive kids talk to each other in ways that young people don’t really speak, then sure, rent this movie. Otherwise, save yourself the time and energy trying to make sense of this mess.


  1. Anonymous

    Speaking from a medical standpoint, a single seizure rarely causes coma. However, repeated seizures (status epilepticus) can. That being said, it was a pretty unimaginative film.

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