Fangoria’s Blood & Guts to Launch on Youtube

One of the fun things about horror entertainment are the special effects that go into making all of your favorite movie monsters and bad guys. With a lack of programming dedicated to SFX, specifically in horror, it’s hard for fans to really get a sense of how SFX makeup is actually done and what it takes to be a true artist. Now, thanks to Fangoria and Nerdist Industries, horror fans will soon have a show where they can have an insider’s look and learn how to make projects worth putting in the movies.

Fangoria and Nerdist Industries are teaming up to bring viewers a DIY make-up series which will air on the newly launched Nerdist Channel on Youtube. The show, Fangoria’s Blood & Guts with Scott Ian, will be hosted by the horror fanatic and Anthrax guitarist as he guides audiences through the magical word of special effects make-up.

Ian will introduce fans to masters of gore as they teach viewers how to create their very own horror SFX make-up. In response to his latest career venture, Ian states, “I’ve been neck-deep in blood and guts for the last 30 years playing in Anthrax…so I couldn’t be more excited to be hosing a show called Blood & Guts, for you horror and metal fans.”

The Nerdist Channel, is a YouTube original content channel which was launched on April 2, 2012, containing nerd-centric content ranging from comics, video games, movies and more. The channel includes original programming from Rob Zombie, Weird Al, and the nerdist himself, Chris Harwick.

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