Another Vampire Movie…Seriously?

Twilight has ruined many things for horror fans, particularly the Vampires lore. Ever since the poorly written teen paranormal series became a phenomenon, love-struck vampire stories have been popping up everywhere, completely destroying the badass lore behind the blood-thirsty creatures. Now, horror fans can prepare to see the vampire subgenre take another hit when the film adaptation of the book series, Blood of Eden, hits the big screen.

Deadline reports that Palomar Pictures has just bought the rights to the film adaptation to the popular teen book series written by Julie Kagawaga (Um, best last name ever? WalkaWalka!). Palomar principal, Joni Sighvatsson stated, “It makes the series an ideal subject for a film adaptation. Julie’s ability to familiarize the reader with this complex world in a few pages demonstrates the cinematic qualities of her imagination and complements my own sensibilities as a film producer.”

The young adult paranormal series takes place in a futuristic world where a deadly virus has wiped out most of the human population, leaving the remaining survivors to serve as slaves and food for the Vampire population who rule the world. The first book in the series, The Immortal Rules, follows a newly turned vampire teen who must choose between fighting for her humanity or giving in to her new desires.

So, it doesn’t sound as awful as Twilight–at least there are no sparkling/stalker vampires, right? Well, that we know of. There will probably be a love story thrown in the mix somewhere and it will most likely turn into a Twilight clone, just with different character names.

The film is still in the early stages of development so no actors or directors have been announced with the project. I should probably give it the benfit of the doubt since I haven’t actually read the source material. It obviously must be good if it’s being turned into a movie, right? Right?


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