World War Z Pushed Back

Were you excited about seeing the zombie flick, World War Z, at the end of the year?! Yeah, me too! Except, oh, wait…it’s not coming out as originally planned and has been pushed back for a release date of June 21, 2013. With the “most expensive zombie movie of all time” being held off for another year, it better be one HELL of a movie when it does finally hit theaters.

World War Z, starring Brad Pitt, takes place ten years after a zombie plague has devastated the world. Pitt will play a U.N. work who is gathering data while simultaneously trying to deliver a cure for the zombie virus. The film also stars Mireille Enos as his wife.

Earlier this year, the LA Times posted that director Marc Forster and Paramount Pictures are hoping to make the epic zombie story into a trilogy. Hopefully, the world doesn’t end before the movie adaptation of the Max Brooks’ bestseller finally gets finished.