Tweet During The Walking Dead Finale

I am anxiously counting down the days until this Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead, which is sure to be a zombie bloodbath. Not only will I be able to get my much needed zombie fix this weekend, I will also have the chance to chat with Walking Dead showrunner, Glen Mazzara (@GlenMazzara), who will be live tweeting with fans during the much anticipated episode.

Mazzara, who frequently answers fan questions on Twitter already, will be providing episode commentary and answers during the big episode, which airs this Sunday at 9pm on AMC. Following the finale, the head honcho will have a Twitter Q&A on Monday starting at 7pm.

Got any burning questions that NEED to be answered by the one man who knows all about everyone’s favorite zombies and slightly enjoyable survivors? Well, get your ass to the computer at 7 and use #walkingdeadchat along with your questions.

Wait, isn’t that what The Talking Dead is for? Hmmm. And Mazzara will be a guest for this Sunday’s episode, airing directly after TWD at 10pm, where he will most likely answer all of the important questions pertaining to the season and the final episode.

Whatever. Hey Glen, I have a question for you: Why do you hate women so much? The way the female specimen is portrayed on the show makes even me hate women and want them to just keep their mouths shut. I can’t wait for Michonne to show up and start bitch slapping people were her katana (yes, I know it’s a sword, thanks).


  1. Anonymous

    I find the end of your post intriguing…it seems like you already have some knowledge of TWD's story but you blame Mazzara for the way women are portrayed on the show. I felt like women were portrayed in a much harsher and misogynistic light in the source material; if anything the attitude toward women on the show is an improvement. Am I missing something here?

  2. Amanda

    I don't blame Mazarra for anything–i was kidding. I only know some things about the comics so I'm not sure how the women are portrayed. I don't know what it is with some of the women on the show…they do and say stupid things sometimes. The only one who is portrayed nicely is Andrea–she's really grown as a character and become a strong woman. I'm really excited to see where she's going to go. Lori on the other hand…is seriously unlikable. And Carol doesn't do much but whine. I like Maggie. I'm really excited to see where they take the Michonne character as well!

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