Trailer for 13 Eerie

Zombies. Check. Katharine Isabelle and Brendan Fehr. Check. Awesome looking movie? Ehhh…

The Canadian horror, 13 Eerie, directed by Roger Christian, has just released its official trailer. The movie follows an undergrad forensic team who are brought to an island to conduct research for their University’s project. Us smart horror fans know that nothing good ever comes to people who travel to mysterious islands.

Once the youngins are brought to the area they soon discover that it was once used as an experimental facility for prisoners. And oh yeah, those big bad prisoners are now zombies.

From the looks of the trailer the film seems like a Syfy movie not worth a watch. However, I’ve been a fan of Katharine Isabelle’s ever since her performance in Ginger Snaps and I’ve been obsessed with Brendan Fehr since he played Michael Guerin in the high school alien drama, Roswell. So, I’ll probably watch it. Plus, the film also includes other Ginger Snaps alumni, Brendan Fletcher and Jesse Moss. It’s a Canadian’s wet dream!

Check out the trailer below: